​​ Choovio Jerky Specialties ​for dogs

Made to support a Healthy Life 

choovio dog
- Human grade
- USDA inspected
- Grain free
- Limited ingredients
- Domestic sourced
​- Made in the USA
Supports ....

​- Overall joint health
- Heart health
- Bones & Teeth
- Healthy vision
​- Digestion
Choovio   dog treats  made from human grade / USDA inspected meat,​
          ​       enriched with Fresh Seafood and 
completed with certified Non GMO garden vegetables.

                   All Choovio dog treats has a " clean label "

Choovio product never made with bone meal, artificial color, flavors
or preservatives, no synthetic additives, no wheat, corn or soy !
What is a clean label ?​​

Briefly, the primary attribute of a clean label is that the ingredients are declared in simple,
recognizable terms, without any chemical-
sounding names or other implications that
the ingredients are less than wholesome,
pure foodstuffs.

Excellent gourmet dog treats!

Proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio!