​​ Choovio Jerky Specialties ​for dogs
 The next generation
of dog treats!

We believe the naturally sourced nutrition
is the gateway to the healthy life and active longevity.
Therefore we developed a unique formula with seafood variety. Seafood is not only healthy for humans, but it is beneficial to every living being.
choovio dog
Pet owners are constantly searching for higher quality,
new products that meet their demanding pet's lifestyle, therefore Choovio dog treats are evolving in today's healthy living which is reflected in our ingredients.

All Natural animal and Seafood protein!
Real seafood in every bite!
Choovio dog treats are perfectly designed protein snack for all type of dogs in every life stages.

  • Choovio dog treats made with  98-100% fresh meat, as a result of simply delicious product.
  • Made with Fresh Seafood as a great choice of healthy protein.
  • All our ingredients are human grade, readable and understandable.
  • All minerals and vitamins are Natural, not synthetic additives.
  • Our treats never made with bone meal, artificial color, flavors or preservatives, no wheat, corn or soy!


Our commitment is to create tasty dog snack which naturally enhance the overall wellness.

Choovio dog treats made with Ocean fresh  seafood and Farm fresh poultry and beef.

Excellent gourmet dog treats!

Proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio!